• The more you learn Ruby, the more fun Rails will be.

    This book guides readers from basic Ruby knowledge
    through to pragmatic development techniques step by step.

  • This book is written for those:
    Who want to learn Ruby as next new language.
    Who are mainly developing Rails applications.
    Who want to get a job which uses Ruby.
  • While reading the manuscript, I felt many times
    "Oh, this is what it means to truly understand other people's feelings."
    This book is definitely useful for everyone to go on to the "next step".

    From the foreword by Matz
NOTE: This book is currently only available in Japan. I am looking for foreign publishers. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me@jnito.com.

Practical knowledge

This book is not written about Rails, but about Ruby. However, it covers all basic knowledge that is required to develop Rails applications.

Use your head more and get more interactive

This book gives you simple programming problems for each chapter in order to use your head and use Ruby more interactively. You can learn Ruby more deeply if you solve these problems.

Step by step

This book has lots of sample code and guides about basic knowledge up to advanced techniques, explained step by step. It is a thick book, but definitely easy to understand.

Major changes since the first edition

Even if you already have the first edition, this book is a must-read.

Full Ruby 3.0 support

Descriptions have been added and content has been rewritten to conform to the language specification of Ruby 3.0, released in December 2020.

New chapter on "Pattern matching".

A new chapter is newly added to explain in detail about the new feature "Pattern Matching" since Ruby 2.7.

Renewed module examples

The examples in Chapter 8, "Understanding Modules," have been updated to the "rainbow" method, which is fun to move around.

Many other improvements

Revised the explanation of difficult sections and added topics that were not mentioned in the first edition.

Introduction to Ruby Programming for Future Professionals 2nd edition

Introduction to Ruby Programming for Future Professionals ("プロを目指す人のためのRuby入門" in Japanese) is a step to step guide for the language specifications of Ruby and practical development techniques. It is written for those who want to learn Ruby as their next, new language or for those who have little confidence in Ruby programming.

It also talks about other practical techniques like test driven development and debugging.

  • Published: December 2, 2021
  • 568 pages (e-book also available)
  • 3278 yen
  • Written by Junichi Ito
  • Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.

About the author

伊藤 淳一

Junichi Ito (伊藤 淳一)

Junichi is a Ruby programmer at SonicGarden Inc., translator of Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec, and one of the most popular Ruby writers/bloggers in Japan.